Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Schadenfreude- Tearing People Down! Why?

     From television to radio to the printed news it seems there's a constant barrage of "people who love to tear down successful people".  From politicians to sports figures to the common man/woman there seems to be a great deal of negativity that exists.  I've noticed that it seems to be easier to tear someone down then to build them up.
     Tim Tebow, Mitt Romney, Tiger Woods(prior to his infidelities), too many President's to mention, and countless others have been written about, spoken about, and chastised in recent times.  Not only are national figures continually brought to the forefront of the daily news but everyday people like you and I are sometimes guilty of tearing people down as well as being torn down.  I'll admit that.  How can we change these behaviors?
     Is it "negativity" that sells better then "positivity"?  Watch the nightly news, read the daily papers, it seems that there is much more negative news than ever.  I'd like to challenge the reader to say ten nice things a day for a week to someone that you work with, live with, or for that matter to a total stranger.  I'm going to expand upon this in a future writing.  I just wanted to put this message out.  Until I write again, be kind, be considerate, and do your very best.  In other words, praise success and go for it yourself.

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