Thursday, January 26, 2012

Practical minds, practical solutions, why can't we all just work together?

      No matter what the subject matter what the situation it seems that too often practicality goes by the wayside.  What I mean is that sometimes it takes far too many "meetings", "committees", "politics" and "people" to solve the simplest to the most complex problems.  The "K.I.S.S." theory needs to be applied in many instances.  It's important to begin to work together to truly believe in one another to get things done.
     I'm listening to the "Republican" debate and it seems that four very accomplished individuals are complaining about one another, tearing each other apart at times, and not coming up with serious solutions to solve what ails our nation and our world.  Yes, I know it's television and television loves conflict but it's important to get over our own agendas and begin to work on practical solutions for practical problems.
    When I had a decision to make in late 1988 to continue a business(Real Estate) or to close it down the first thought was to continue on a path of debt or to close the company and recover from the debt. I chose to close and to make a practical plan to recover.  Although the plan too nearly ten years to unfold, it worked.  Was ten years too long?  Not for what I accomplished.  I wanted to teach, I wanted to get my financial life in order, and I wanted to get my masters degree.  All were accomplished without ever borrowing any money, without ever missing a major mortgage payment, and much more.  It was with the support and help of others that allowed me to build back what had broken down. It was hard work and it wasn't easy but it got done. I'm not writing this to "toot" my own horn so to speak.  I'm saying that if we all just got together, listened to one another, and set practical plans, we could get it done.  Whatever  we set our minds to I believe we can accomplish.
   I think of the movie "Independence Day", yes a fictitious story of aliens invading the Earth and obliterating Washington D.C., New York City, and a variety of world major cities.  The movie unfolds with the truth needing to be told and it's told.  Together the "world" discovers if we don't work together the "world" as we know it will end.  Working together the world powers, the "President" lead us back to fighting off the aliens and "Independence Day" is achieved.  Imagine if this actually happened and the world was threatened would we be "one", would we learn to solve one another's problems without greed, without hurting one another, with truth and honesty.  I'm not saying honesty does not exist at all, I'm just waiting and wondering in my lifetime when we will all sit down, listen to one another, and help one another reach for excellence. It's not easy but I truly believe people have to start listening to one another.
   A great deal has been accomplished with hard work, conscientious efforts of many throughout history. Positive thinking, positive attitudes, as well as positive solutions need to come to the forefront to make people feel better about life.  It's important to get rid of the doom and gloom that seems to hover around and about us on a daily basis and to begin to listen and to solve the issues that exist in our daily lives.
   My ramblings at times are emotional and I'm not nearly right enough, but my passion and my ability to get things done have worked in the past.  I've failed, I've succeeded, and I've struggled but most importantly I keep doing my best to achieve. If we all could just begin to think practically, solving many problems could result.  The difficulty lies in getting others to believe in what you feel, what you think, and what you know.  Dialogue, common sense, hard work, and a simple plan, can result in positive growth and development.
    I've begun to realize that it's highly important to step back and look at the total picture before commenting, interjecting, and voicing one's thoughts.  It seems that you really have to have all your "ducks in a row" before making any judgments, any offering of a solution.  I've learned that the only way to succeed is to keep working at it, keep being positive, and go at it with the best you can give.  It's difficult doing it alone.  I hope this makes sense. Perhaps it's my advancing years, my experiences that have allowed me to think deeply at times. It may have been my upbringing and how I was taught by my parents, relatives, and teachers. I've learned that times definitely are different and the fast paced world is sometimes spinning out of control but we have to step back, communicate, work together and get things done.
    Be civil, be real, and go after everything to the best of your ability.

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