Saturday, June 25, 2011

When situations arise, "cooler heads prevail"!

     There are times in one's life that the old adage "cooler heads prevail" must be put into place.  I've learned that sometimes it's important just to step away from a situation rather than charge forward.  Unless there is imminent danger or something you cherish is threatened you need to work things out when you have a clear mind.
    Too often people seem to want to "bully" others whether it be through words or through physical intimidation. Mostly the hidden bullying is that with intimidation.  It's amazing that there are individuals that don't even know that they intimidate others. How sad is that?  What has caused this rise in bullying and intimidation?  Is it insecurity, is it the way the individual was treated in their past, or is it just plain "I want what I want and if I can't have it I'll make everyone's life miserable" syndrome.  It's downright sad.
    Too often we are seeing via the media situations young and old that cause the demise of a child, a young adult, and even an older adult.  It has no boundaries.  Why be so mean?  Why be so clueless of what you are doing to others?  How can we stop this madness?  What do we need to do to make relationships work in all facets of life?  These are some of the questions that enter my mind.  Yes, I'm a thinker and perhaps too often I think too much but an active mind seems to work for me.
    I'm not perfect and I don't have the answers to many questions obviously but it's not too hard to seek knowledge to ultimately do my part to help others. Yes, I have to also help myself from time to time too.  I've learned in time that you have to take care of yourself in order to better serve the needs of others.  Being compatible with all is improbable in that some just don't get it or you just are different but you must show respect for individual opinions and differences for one to live in peace and harmony so to speak.
     This summer I plan on reading a great deal on interpersonal relationships, bullying prevention, emotional learning, and social-emotional development. It's something I feel that has been put on the back burner in our society today.  Just the other night Tim Allen(Comedian/Actor/Parent) did a portion of his show on the child. He alluded to the fact that the child today is protected too much, programmed too much, and in essence this is causing that child to not learn from mistakes.  He spoke of sports and how we acquired the no losing way in youth programs.  This does not allow the child to develop the skill of learning how to fail.  He also spoke of how when he was young there were no helmets, knee pads, and the like to protect one's body. We came home bloodied but cleaned it up and went on about our way. There are so many dynamics involved in the development of people.  What's right and wrong depends on what you are reading and who has wrote it.  It's something that needs to be looked into more. What are we creating?  What have we created?
    Moving away from competition it's just crazy that we have to hear of tragedies because of ill treated individuals(bullying) and more.  I've not delved into the subject too deeply but will, it's important. Until I write again, keep being the best you can be and don't forget to treat others with fairness and kindness. Be tough, be strong but stand your ground and at times learn to step away if it's best for the situation.

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