Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Thoughts of Life In General

     From time to time I'm known to have random thoughts that enter the conscience mind and then dissipate and resurface from time to time.  Random thoughts can drive you to take action or to dwell on things that in essence will cause you to "sweat the small stuff". If anything I'm beginning to realize it's so random that yes it's important but you must move on.  Today I had the opportunity to do something that could make someone's day or ruin it. I chose the former and it made that person's day.  A person I know cannot afford things like others can and I chose to take a chance and get payment for it another time.  Is this an act of kindness or stupidity on my part, only time will tell. It's not a major product, or an expensive item, but it's trust that either will be maintained or broken.  Another potential lesson to be learned.
    Does it really matter whether someone is richer or poorer?  The rich can be untrustworthy and the poor trustworthy.  In a nutshell here's that statement "everyone's shadow is the same color" until proven otherwise.  You can not read trustworthiness by the way someone looks. It's the actions that occur or follow in the future that one gains trust.  I've learned to trust people, to read people well, however, there are times that situations don't allow for that to happen.  It's a puzzle at times to piece together, that is of life.  Life has it's many facets.  You take chances, risks, and then you gain confidence in the situation at hand or move on to another choice or another action plan.  
   Yes, as I said, "random thoughts of life in general."  Is it so difficult to formulate action plans in one's head to solve the many ills that exist.  Personally speaking I get frustrated at listening to the failure of intelligent human beings to work together to help one another solve problems.  I've failed numerous times at ventures, business opportunities, as well as even school, but I've learned to pull it back together and do the best I can to succeed. Is focus important?  It sure is.  Can you do things alone? You can, but it's important to work with others to get the job done.  Communicating one's thoughts are important. I've certainly learned that face to face communication is far better than text messaging or emails. Both of the latter can be misconstrued and lead to misunderstandings.  Like I said "random thoughts of life in general".  
   A friend stopped by today who I worked with in developing his teaching skills.  He was appreciative when I gave him five baseball bats for the team that he is on the coaching staff.  They were baseball bats donated to me by another friend.  All in all being connected to a variety of friends can lead to someone benefiting.  Another random thought  and in this case an act of kindness not necessarily on my part but passed through me to him.
    Someone said to me a couple of months ago "you never miss work".  I said to them "I haven't missed a day of "work" in near three full years plus."  It just turns out that I've now not missed a day in three full years and 45 or so days.  This I attribute to my father who said to me "if you aren't sick you give it your all for what you've chosen to do." I stand by those words still today.  Thanks Dad.  That to me is important and I'll always stand by that philosophy and work ethic.  Is it crazy?  Perhaps, but in the end I choose to do that because of what I have ingrained in my mind, go at it, and go at it with your best.
     Life passes so quickly and when you want to achieve many things it's tough because there's only so much time in the day. I've had many outstanding experiences in my lifetime and others that have been not the best, but you learn to live and learn to be your best for the sake of happiness and well being.  I've not succeeded at all I've chosen but I'm surely going to continue to do my best at whatever I choose to do.
     I'm rambling as usual. Perhaps it's the lack of sunshine but that to me has never been an excuse of mine.  It is so much better to see the bright blue sky with sunshine. Happiness from others is contagious. With that thought in mind then it is important to have better weather.
    I've recently begun to run and cycle again after time away due to a tendon injury. The specialist(Doctor) I went to convinced me that it is very important to rest. Yes, I sacrificed my high level of fitness, and yes I complained but all in all it's worked out. I've been lucky to have friends that have begun training with me whether it be biking and or running and I appreciate them wholeheartedly. If anything I've learned that rest is very important.
     In ending this writing about "random thoughts".  I'm looking forward to the summer, to spending time with family and friends, and to experience new opportunities that may pass before me. You have to take chances, you have to live, and I've chosen to do them and I hope to be successful at whatever I choose to do.
    As usual thanks for reading, be kind to others, be safe at whatever you do, be the best you can be for yourself and your family, and live life with an open mind.

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