Thursday, May 19, 2011

Murdo, South Dakota to Connecticut-1,968 miles.

     The trip east in 1994 was truly interesting and worth the time.  Being with my brother and enjoying the sites of our country was and continues to be memorable.  The title "Murdo, South Dakota to Connecticut-1,968 miles" is easily explained.  My brother and I decided to drive to Connecticut from Murdo and it turned out to be 1,968 miles.
     We found a motel room in Murdo late in the evening.  The day was spent traveling after having seen one of the most spectacular places to visit in our country, Mount Rushmore.  All said and done it was time to get back to Connecticut.  We awoke early, had breakfast, and then got going. My brother and I had thoughts of stopping at Notre Dame University to see the campus and the outstanding buildings, football stadium and more.  It was too late in the evening when we arrived.  I can remember that it was about midnight when I said "I'll drive a little bit more and then we'll find a motel/hotel".  My brother sat in the passengers seat and I did something I didn't expect to do. I just drove and drove until the sun began to rise. As my brother awoke he said "what time is it"?  I said, "6 a.m.".  We stopped to get gas and he took over the driving as we had entered Pennsylvania.  He had slept pretty much about 6 hours as I drove through the night.
    Driving for a few minutes we decided to stop at a rest stop to wake up our legs and get some fresh air.  It was something I don't recommend but it was a journey that in my mind I could not do again.  Adrenalin and the fact we wanted to get "home" kept me going.
   We entered New York state and for the first time in the entire trip we encountered a traffic jam.  Perhaps it was the fact we took a wrong turn and instead of going around and about the city to the north we went through the city from the south.  We made it into Connecticut a short time later.  Incredibly the trip from Murdo, South Dakota took less than forty miles.  Not bad for eating a couple or more meals and stopping from time to time to stretch our legs and get a brief rest.
   The trip from Connecticut back to California is next.  It will be an experience in itself.  

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