Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Land of South Dakota-Wall Drug, The Badlands, Corn Palace, and Mount Rushmore.

     Leaving and traveling from one of the most incredible national parks, "Yellowstone", it's a hard act to follow.  South Dakota is a state that has many attractions. One of the most unique and creative marketed spots in the United States is "Wall Drug".  For mile after mile you see signs advertising Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  It's buildings total 76,000 square feet and from my memory "Black Hills Gold" items of jewelry are popular.  I do not remember the exact piece of jewelry my brother bought but I know he purchased a piece for my sister in law.  In 1994 hotel and motel rooms were relatively inexpensive, however, I can remember that it was $75.00 to spent the night at the hotel located right in the immediate area.  It was an experience I will always say "I spent a night in Wall, South Dakota".  If you get a chance check out the "worldwide" web and look at what's now available in Wall.  It's certainly a place that is a must stop if traveling across country.
     We then traveled to the "Badlands National Park".  The most unique national park I've visited. I've reflected with others  about my take on the park. I once told friends that giant aliens landed and played in the sand located next to a body of water and created the "Badlands".  The unique structures of what have been described as geologic deposits make for an incredibly interesting ride through the national park.  In that we were traveling I know at that time it was a mere $10.00 to travel through the park.  All in all it was and will remain a great memory.
     Our next two stops were Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace.  The Corn Palace, located in Mitchell, South Dakota is a gymnasium in the winter and for the summer months a gift shop. The exterior of the building was decorated in corn maze and various designs over the years.  Countless visitors (500,000) stop their annually.  I believe I still have a sweatshirt from the Corn Palace.
     The drive to Mount Rushmore was unique in itself. Traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota there were numerous signs describing the age of the landforms, rocks and the like along the drive. Millions, billions of years described the formations. In 1994 Crazy Horse was just taking shape.  Mount Rushmore was near and getting to see an American icon and treasure was so cool to see.  My brother and I spent a few hours at the park.  It was so interesting and such an incredible site visit. Every person that can should see this phenomenal sight.  It will remain in my memory forever.
     The South Dakotans should be proud of what they have within their state. It's unique, it's inventive, and a fun place to spent time at visiting incredibly unique and beautiful places.  I would enjoy visiting all of these sites once again.  I think back and wonder how many different countries were represented, nationalities and the like.  It's mind boggling to think that these place bring so many people annually.  Get there if you can you will always remember each.

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