Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bullying, Disrespect, and "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color"!

     Some of my best thinking takes place when I'm exercising, walking, riding, or running along.  This morning my thoughts went to bully, being disrespectfully, and a what if idea.  I said to myself "what if we were faceless and colorless shadows that spoke, would there still be disrespect as well as the horrors of bullying?"
    It's a far out conversation I had in my mind this morning.  I'm not an expert on bullying or horrific situations that arise because of just downright disrespect of a human life but to me it's something that needs to be addressed.  Too often now we hear of the sad endings of a life because a child can no longer take being bullied.  Too often we hear of students and families moving from the place they live to escape bullying.  How can this major problem be rectified?
     Getting back to my idea of being faceless and for that matter speechless.  What if we were just entities that existed with thought patterns and the physical body did not matter.  Would there be bullying?  It's certainly a way out thought.  Can we combat bullying and disrespect with education?  I certainly would hope so.  I've created the idea of "Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color" to put to the forefront how important life is and that we just should try to get along better and help one another.  Yes, as always that's easier said than done.  How can we as people instill in ourselves the importance of human life. It's simply not acceptable that a child be picked on, a young adult be harassed, or an adult be scrutinized unmercifully to a point that they just cannot take it anymore.  The word relentless can be positive when it comes to getting worthwhile things done, but when it involves a negative situation it's horrific.
      I'm planning on researching programs that exist that teach all about the importance of "no bullying", and "disrespect".  It's important.  I myself am not perfect but I continue to grow as an adult and try my best to do my part in instilling the good in people and helping those that want to change.  In reality if we all saw the good in people and were able to work together we'd all be in a better place.

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