Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend-Imagine If?

     Memorial Day weekend in the United States is upon us.  It's a time to reflect on those that have served our country, have sacrificed their lives for us, and have come back to the "home soil" physically and mentally changed in countless instances.  It's a time to reflect on those that continue to serve our great nation.  The title "Imagine If?" references simply imagine if we never had a war, imagine if we had world peace, peace within ourselves, as well as in every situation.  What would life be like?  Would there exist any modern day challenges that exist today?  It's another thought provoking statement I wrestle with from time to time.
    On this Memorial Day weekend spend time to reflect not only on your own self, but of your family, friends, and the society that we exist.  Think of things you can do to improve upon your life and those lives that you see on a daily basis.  It's a daunting task to think of others at times but it has to be done.  Remember the fallen soldiers, the lives that have been changed forever of the living and breathing soldiers, and continue to strive for the best you can be and maybe just maybe you will make a difference. It's a brief thought I just had and I wish you the best this Memorial Day weekend.  Be safe, be considerate of others, and most importantly enjoy family and friends.

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