Friday, February 18, 2011

Being genuine!

     Being genuine is important from the youngest to the eldest citizens.  To be genuine one must show compassion for one's self as well as others.  It's imperative that we begin to understand the importance of working with one another in order to get to where you want to end up going.  Is this an easy task?  No! Why do I say "no"?  I say no because there's always a chance that someone is not genuine.  The spin that people put on many topics or discussions is mind boggling. It's become a little disconcerting to trust many situations in life when you can't get a read on the people that seem to be making many of our policies and decisions.  Don't get me wrong there are "genuine" people and that's where I will take this discussion.
     I've learned that in my life I'm more successful when truthful and genuine. Am I guilty at times of saying things that I wish I hadn't and kept to myself, yes.  How long can one remain silent when you know situations are not the best they can be?  It's troublesome and in some cases downright wrong for people to sit still and not get active.  However, frustration sometimes keeps you from being active, being vocal.
     It's simply incredibly important to be genuine.  Genuine people are in existence.  You can certainly sense them and they can recognize you too.  When I give my all and I'm genuine it's recognizable to many.  It's also such a busy and complicated world today that sometimes things go unnoticed. What's important to me is that I can look in the mirror on a daily basis correct my faults and hopefully remain genuine.  A good friend recently corrected me on one of my faults. I truly appreciated the "genuine" concern for my lapse of misguided thoughts.  I have compassion and that's why I stand corrected and learn from mistakes.
     I'm still going to expand on this concept. For now, it's short and sweet, be genuine please!

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