Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color-What are my thoughts today?

     My thoughts go to the development of the concept "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color".  The logo design as well as four designs for the shadow itself have been sent to two companies for estimates.  Is it feasible that this will be launched by April.  Yes!  It all depends on my capital.  All in all it takes time and effort to develop but it's now close to a reality once again.  Capik Creative Design from Jewett City (Jamie Caparaso) has been instrumental in picking my brain and bringing the latest design to the forefront of being sent to the printer that I will choose in the near future.  Also, it's imperative for me to get the copy for the website.  It's something that needs to be done so that the message can be spread near and far.  It's fun to think of getting others to believe in one another. It would make the world a better place. Is it a "pipedream" to believe that I can make a difference?  My answer is "NO"!  I've always had the thought that someday I'm going to do something that makes a huge difference. This may be the time. I believe in the idea and I'm trying to "get it done" as my brother once said to me.
     A colleague of mine just today said "when are you going to write" another blog. I appreciated that and didn't really get a chance to say "thanks".  Thanks "TC".  Anyhow, back to the thought "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color".  I'm looking forward to getting copy done, getting products ready to sell, and then seeing how far and wide the message can go. It's a simple message but it's also thought provoking. I'd like to hear from you and have more people respond to my blog so I can learn from you also.
     It's been fun thinking about what I can do with this. I envision going to schools and talking to all age groups. Ideally a school would say we want to put our logo on your shirt and spread the message. I would love to travel all over and talk to countless people. It would be great to get 100's, then 1000's, then more people thinking about diversity.  It's a simple statement!  Can I make a difference?  I'm certainly going to try.  Thanks to those that believe in it. I'm looking forward to getting it going and producing a positive program that will benefit children of all ages as well as adults. It's time is now.  Until I write again thanks for reading.

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