Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of "We".

     The "state of we" what does it mean?  Simply put it means "we" must begin to change together, work toward solving individual difference, and begin to better serve one another.  How can this occur?  Through hard work and dedication we must solve the many ills that exist in our local towns, states, regions, the entire United States and then begin to work on world issues.  Is it possible?  It is!  Can it be done overnight?  No! Yet if we keep being negative we will continue to flail.  One must begin to have positive dialogue and to accept individual differences with dignity and hope.  The hope for our society to thrive is to be realistic, genuine, and sincere.
    That sounds like a great deal of rhetoric and repeated thoughts but it's what I feel will help. We have to take responsibility and we have to work hard to succeed. I was taught to fail. I've failed miserably.  My failure has allowed me to become a better person. Am I satisfied, "NO".  I'm still learning. I'm learning to become a better "WE".  I sit at times and listen to debates, to two sides of the "coin" so to speak and I wonder why can't we solve individual differences and work together?  I just think it's time to say "GET IT DONE" as my brother told to me when I struggled to get back into top shape.  It worked.  It continues to be the "we" and the moments of knowing that you can't do it alone to succeed.
    There are many instances that occur throughout a lifetime that can be done alone, with help from others, but many times they go unfinished because you give up or you lack the ingenuity, knowledge, and drive to fix them.  It's frustrating indeed and I know how much I've struggled to finish many thoughts and projects I've begun.  Once again together it can be done.
    It's crucial for all of us to be educated to be the best we can be so to speak. It's critical that we fix things that are broken. How can that be done?  It easier said than done to say things but actions have always spoken larger than words.
   I'm listening to President Obama's State of the Union he just said "if you want to make a difference in the life of a child become a teacher".  I've chosen to do that "finally". It took me a great deal of time to figure that out in my early lifetime but I continue to do my very best to educate others.  I'm always trying to improve the "we", not the "I". Is it easy, "NO"! It's a great deal of hard work.  The "I" has to become the "WE" and together we will succeed.
   It's time to have open dialogue, respectful debates, and action plans to get things accomplished.  I don't know if I'll make that much of a difference in millions of lives but I'll certainly not give up.  I will get frustrated, I will become annoyed, but I will ask for help of others to become less frustrated, less annoyed. It's not easy saying you've failed and you need help but "we" have to ask for one another's expertise.  That's my "rant" and "words" for  today.
    Believe in oneself, help others and make a difference in someone else's life as well as your own.

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