Friday, January 7, 2011

Be Part of "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color"

     When this saying was created "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color", my first notion was to create a shirt with a specific design on it. The idea expanded with the notion of having a book with people and their shadows to present a message of diversity. What I'm looking for are "models" all ages welcome to be part of this idea.  I will be contacting companies to photograph "models" per se and then put the copy together and produce a book entitled "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color".  Legal paperwork will be part of the requirements to be a part of this venture.  If the "model" is under the age of 18 I've been instructed to have parental consent as well as certain legal documents to ensure that there is going to be no monetary gain by the "model" unless agreed upon by the two parties involved.  It's an idea that I've been working on and now it's time to get it done so to speak. 
     If you would be interested email me at  At this point your name must begin with the letters; D, I, V, E, R, S,(I), T, Y.  Thanks for your interest. It's pretty exciting to begin this venture.  Be a part of it and spread the word of "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color".  Embracing diversity and working with one another is so important in our society today.

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