Monday, December 27, 2010

Can Civility Exist in our schools, workplaces, and communities? What are the ramifications if it doesn't exist? What are the benefits if it does?

     The title of this writing is lengthy indeed. However, it warrants further research and both verbal and written discussion.  Civility is important. It is important for our children, young adults, and adults. It is important nonetheless in that if we learn to live and work together our lives will be less complicated and perhaps more fulfilling. That's easier said than done.
     Civility is important.  It manifests success.  Those two statements are the building block of this discussion I'm about to embark on today.  If civility is important, in all settings whether large or small we should work on the "ground rules" that are important for making each place successful.  Success is difficult to achieve without leadership and without the "players" of a "team" so to speak buying into and believing in where the leadership is leading us to.  It's a vicious circle when bickering, backbiting, and downright insubordination exists.  The question is "how can we become civil?"  It takes work, it takes commitment and most importantly it requires the change in many instances.
     Together it's important to work toward common goals and sub-objectives to achieve those goals.  The world that exists today is fast pace, technologically based.  I've begun to think what would it be like without technology the way it is today.  Would people have more face to face conversations?  Would people think before they spoke?  Would there be more or less civility?  These questions are always an interesting debate.
     When civility exists people in general are happier, more productive, and success usually follows. It just seems to me that when negativity persists failure seems to follow.  Whether it's individual failure, or failure of the "system" it just seems to continue.  I believe in the positive.  I'm not always 100% positive I do have my moments of indiscretion, however, I'm learning that the only way to succeed is to learn how to fail and to work together to succeed. Working toward a common goal and being civil doing it seems to be the answer.  Leaders are important and communication must exist.
     There is a great deal of information that one can read about civility.  Work toward it and life everywhere should begin to be better.
     If we believe in one another and respect individual opinions and beliefs together we will co-exist and work toward a common goal.  In essence, "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" can simply mean in this case that it's important to co-exist no matter what differences we may have when working toward a common goal. If we realize that we must work together to succeed results will follow.

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