Friday, December 24, 2010

Civility in Politics- My Viewpoint

    Politics, Politics, Politics.  The term "politically correct".  The idea that "Politics" runs our nation, our schools, our workplace, our everyday lives seems to ring true.  Can there be civility in politics?  
   I'm wondering when there will be the day that we work together for the common betterment of mankind and womankind(politically correct terminology).  I don't have the answers but in thinking about this subject matter I'm convinced that the only way we as a nation and a world will be better at all we try to accomplish is to work together.  Is that possible?  In my lifetime I've only see us come together a few times to work totally together as a nation.  When the tragedy and horrific events of "9/11/2001" occurred it seemed for a short period of time in retrospect that we came together as a people to not only protect our interests but to look at one another in a more respectful manner. The point of this is not to rehash and bring forth the tragedy of this date.  It's something that is etched in my mind and still bothers me a great deal.  I can't believe it happened and still wonder how many lives are still struggling due to that horrific day.  There can't be enough written about this tragedy to do it justice.
   Moving to the point of "civility in politics".  It's a deep and broadened subject, from the workings of modern day decision makers on all levels of government there seems to be a lack of civility at times which causes strife amongst the constituents. Our recent elections showered the streets with countless signs, countless promises on television, and amazing debates that at times seemed to be counterproductive. For once I'd like to see us as a nation get together politics aside and truly work for all of us to be better at what we do.  It's intolerable when decisions are made due to the "politics" of a party.  Are our ideologies that different amongst our parties that we can't work in a bi-partisan manner. I'm not an expert on politics and don't profess to be but it would seem that we could get a great deal done if there were those that wanted to do what's best for all. I don't know the answer but I know this that people do get upset and for that matter angry when decisions are made in a "political" manner.  I guess that's the nature of the "beast" perhaps but I will and continue to believe that the only way to succeed is if we are all working in the same direction and on the same page.  
   Let me read more about "politics" and I'll be back with greater insight to expand upon these thoughts.  Next up "Civility in the workplace".  

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