Sunday, December 19, 2010

Managing Your Inner Thoughts Using Technology

    "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" can be interpreted in many ways. In this post I'm going to speak to "managing your inner thoughts using technology".  I feel that it's important to speak to some of the negativity that can spill out when emotions are running wild in one's mind and you use technology to communicate your feelings.  Just like this format of "blogging".  You can say what you want to say and push a button and it's out there on the "net".
     Today on "WFAN", a radio-based sports program, a gentleman was talking about the perils of posting crazily on "facebook" or through text messaging. He mentioned students that have been suspended off of sport teams due to scathing information and "you tube" postings that really slammed the opposing teams and specific players.  He went on to speak about other instances where adults, students, and the like have used the "internet" to make posts that become detrimental to one's personal standing for employment as well as for school.  One specific point he made was the "battle" he had with his daughter's university to keep her not only on the sports team she was involved with but the school itself.  You may ask "what did she do"?  She simply was in a picture showing her with a "beer" in her hand. This was against the policy of the athletics department as well as the school's disciplinary code.  The point the gentleman was making was once something is posted on the internet or by text message it's out there forever.  I don't know if that's totally true but it seems that his words of warning were sincere. He did not condone his daughter having a beer in her hand but he did say be careful what you post and what you say in a message that's send via the texting technology.
    The posts that's I've read, and the text messages, as well as "chat" messaging does not come with sound, with intention, or with the attention that you can give someone in a face to face conversation.  It's important to read what you will send or post prior to sending each. I'm appalled at some of the things I've read that people have said or for that matter at times what I've read in a variety of postings.  My advice be sensible, be careful, and try to maintain an even keel.  
    There's a time and place of your inner thoughts to be brought out. Be intelligent, be considerate, and most importantly check what you write before you send it out.  I'm convinced that it's become easy to spill out emotions without thinking in many cases in your writings, text messages, or chat messaging.  Whether it's in video form, written form, or electronic messaging, be sensible and mature.  Don't allow yourself to communicate if you are feeling negative in any way.  Unless you have the "power" to squelch your feelings and write in a positive manner then go for it.
   My final words regarding this topic.  Be true to yourself and others.  Be positive, speak your mind in an intelligent manner, and work out things face to face.  

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