Saturday, December 4, 2010

Civility Amongst Our School Aged Youth-Does it need to be Revisited?

Civility Rules:

65th rule "Speak not injurious Words neither in Jest nor Earnest Scoff at none although they give Occasion."

     Sometime before the age of 16 George Washington penned the "Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior(In Company And Conversation).  The 65th rule is one that I'll focus on for now.  Speaking words that could "injure" one's feelings, one mind, and one's heart seem to have existed through time.  When growing up I heard unkind words, was taught when and how to react to them, and learned that there are those that just don't speak very kindly of others. I must say right from the start that there are those also that are always kind, and never say an unkind word toward anyone.
   Where am I going with this writing? It seems that the printed word has become so easy to send, so easy to be misconstrued.In the electronic media whether email or text message it's difficult to read when the tone of each may be.  Also, the many sites that exist online that allow "posts" to be of any nature.  I'm amazed at what people will write for others to view.  It at times is comical but at other times I say to myself "why would someone want to write that for the public to see"?  
   I won't cite specific examples in that I want to leave this topic open to discussion in your own mind. It's very interesting at times to read what people will post, what people will send you, or what people will say without regard for how they may make someone else feel.  
   Rambling on about "civility" and the printed word whether on paper or electronic in nature can be wonderful.  However, it seems to have also taken a turn for the worse.  Too often we've now heard how words have become so hurtful, so damaging, that an individual hurts one's self or in the worst case scenario commits life ending "suicide".  I would like the readers of this blog to share their thoughts of the importance of being "civil", being respectful of others bother mentally and physically.  
    I feel that it's important to teach children the many rules of speaking, the rules of righting, and of course the importance of getting along and respecting others.  You can write all of the rules, speak about the rules, and reinforce the rules daily, but if those rules are not acted upon with positive actions the rules are just that printed words on paper.  
   There are countless individuals younger and older that are so respectful and just downright outstanding. My question is "What is the answer to helping those that are still hurting the feelings of others"?  Is there too much pressure on today's youth to perform?  Is it too difficult to work full-time and parent today?  Has technology become a blessing and a curse in a sense?  These questions need to be studied to be researched and perhaps with proper education and parenting our youth that are having difficulty can turn the corner and become model citizens.
    Either way it's important nonetheless to get our youth to do their very best, to respect one another, and therefore to grow into adults that will better serve our society.  Please take the time to talk to your youngsters if you parents about the importance of "civility" and in essence being respectable of one another.  
    In conclusion, throughout time the evidence is clear that "civility" has been addressed.  Now it seems to be coming back to the forefront.  Our schools are pressure packed and the world is moving so quickly. Please do your part in making our youth the best they can be and understanding of others.

Check out George Washington's 110 rules of civility.  It's amazing that something written over 250 years ago and based on words of the "French Jesuits" from 1595.  Can you imagine that this topic has been talked about for over 400 years.  In my mind then I feel it's important to "GET IT DONE" for ourselves and our youth.

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