Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day Thoughts

     One's right to vote gives us the power of choice.  Countless people do not exercise this right and we are always left with the thought of people being apathetic. I have a sense today that change is on the horizon. I'm not going to make any predictions but in keeping with the theme of "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" it cannot be compared with everyone's beliefs and political liking. Please consider voting for the "person", the one with what you feel will be best for our towns, states, and of course our country.
    What is interesting as always is people will ask; "Who did you vote for"?  I'm always amazed at that question.  If it were the rights of all to know do you really think we'd have a ballot to privately right upon.  I'm always amazed at the number of signs, mailings, and the like that can be visibly seen splattered on the streets and of course in your mailbox.
   Please vote today and do what you feel is right not only for you but for the countless people that need great people in public office. 

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