Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't Allow Bullying!

     The title says it all "don't allow bullying".  First and foremost I must qualify that I am not an expert on this topic but certainly can chime in on it.  I'm appalled at the number of serious instances that continually occur at all levels of life. Bullying has no boundaries and seems to be non-discrimate at all age levels.  Whether a child or an adult "bullying" seems to permeate throughout. It's mind boggling how many have instances take place not only in our schools but on playgrounds, at work places, wherever someone chooses to "dominate" over another whether it's physical or mental abuse.
    The recent occurrences of what I deem "cyber bullying"(the latest term) have had horrific results.  Bullying has caused students at all levels to take their own lives.  Once again the theme runs true that I truly adhere to and I'm trying to launch that "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color".  You have to treat people with respect, fairness, and the like.   You simply cannot allow this to keep happening.  Yes, there are those that you can no longer tolerate and you have to cut ties.  But why be so downright sick to beat another human being down so much physically and mentally that they take the worst turn imaginable "suicide". 
    I will try my best to research this horrific topic and get a greater understanding myself so I can put forth information that will be helpful for people to combat "bullying".
   It's just something that needs to be addressed and I hope to impart some of my thoughts toward it. As for now thanks for reading. Please talk to anyone and all about this topic and see if you too can make a difference. It's important.  

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