Friday, July 8, 2011

Dreams, Reality, Life and much more!

     When you dream there are moments in time that you say "that was weird" or "that was extreme".  It's wild to think that your mind can set up those scenarios each and every night. Why do we dream?  Why do dreams sometimes mirror life whether past, present or future? It's pretty interesting to analyze them at times and I'm sure you could if you truly wanted to take the time to have them critically examined.  
     You can and you must if you so desire.  It's fun to think of some of the dreams that come about in one's mind. Recently I was playing baseball in "old" Yankee Stadium, catching a fly ball that approached the wall.  As I ran into the dugout Yankee greats, management and other modern day players were saying "great catch".  I can remember the dream going to the next day and when I went into the clubhouse they had told me that my uniform was not ready for that day and that I could not play. I awoke thinking "what a weird dream".  If there are any dream analyst out there reading this or if you have a dream interpretation book let me know why this dream occurred and what it meant. 
     Life in general allows you to have many thinking moments.  You take for granted the human mind and body until it starts to either slow down or break down so to speak.  I've learned that if you think too much you can grind yourself into a frenzy.  A friend recently said to me "you think too much" perhaps she is correct but without thought what do you have.  I tend to think that at times I may "over analyze situations". I've learned it's important to back off and to say to myself "just let it happen" without too much undo thought.  Perhaps reality and life at it's hectic pace causes you to finish those though patterns in dream state I do not know but it's an interesting entity the human mind.
    I've learned that you must be clear headed, take a step back occasionally, and to not be as critical of oneself and others, as life unfolds.  Whether working, playing, or just doing relaxing activities, life can be hectic at times.  It's important to step back to see what you really want to accomplish each and every moment and then go after it. I'm lucky in that I have the time to do many things and have the work ethic to keep going after things that I want. Am I organized always?  No way!  Can I improve on what I do? Of course.  The most important thing is that I realize life is too precious to dwell on mistakes and shortcomings. I must look for the positive outcomes that can come about in situations that are sometimes in my control or out of my control. The least thing I can do is to do my best to instill that there are greener pastures so to speak but not always.  You have to be careful on where you want to go and what you want to do.
    Life is full of surprises, situations that arise that make you smile, make you laugh, and sometimes put you in the opposite mode.  The opposite is where you must step back look at the situation and say "fix it", "leave it" or "deal with it".  Sometimes situations and life give you challenges that you may or may not want to deal with but if you are a quality caring person you will at least try.  It's too easy to quit, to give up, to end something that could have potentially great results.  The fear of failure steps in and rears it's evil head.  Many life choices today deal with the fear of failure. It's incredible to think that you can't fail unless you try and the sad thing is that many won't try something because of that fear.
    I've failed at times and learned from it each and every time.  You the reader gets my point.  I'm on the upswing again to getting back at the level of physical condition I was prior to an overuse injury.  Do I have a great deal of work ahead?  Absolutely!  I had a choice to get started again or to keep dwelling on the injury that seems to have cleared up.  I was fortunate enough to have friends that eased me back into the rigors of training.  I also had friends that convinced me not to overtrain.  It's so important to rest. The reality of all of this is that it's my dream to be back at it hard by late summer.  I am convinced that my mind works far better when I'm highly trained versus the opposite. I'm impressed with those that begin new ventures and follow through with outstanding effort way beyond what they think they could have done.  This is one's will and one's mind that takes over the physical body.
   Where am I going with all of this?  Very simply!  One has many hopes and dreams and without communication whether with one's self or others you cannot thrive and cannot achieve excellence. It takes constant revision, daily reflection, and lessons learned to go after something that you so desire.  Life in general is all about daily decisions.  I've learned that patience is very important and that if something is meant to be it will happen. Sometimes life has moments in time that can be wonderful or tragic. You always hope for the positive.  Thinking about moments that make a difference.  Think about the commercial that's on television where a man sees a woman on a train changes his ticket gets on the train sits across from the woman and sees the future of his child being President.  Imagine the timing of events in your life and how different life would have been if you were delayed or too early.  Life has many instances that you cannot control. I get back to my mind and how it thinks. I've learned this year patience, to listen better, and to be better at making changes without being to critical of myself or others.  It's still needs improvement but I can admit I'm working at it. 
    The ramblings of my mind to me are clear but to others they may think what is he talking about.  In a nutshell I'm talking about reality and how it affects one's dreams. I'm talking about taking chances, believing in one's self and learning to respect others.  You have to remember where you are and where you've been and to respect where others may be at the moment.  Timing in life is very important and sometimes you just have to learn to respect it and learn to be patient.  
     The understanding of the human mind, it's spirit, it's fascinating inner workings, wreak havoc on your conscious mind.  Learn to relax, to ease into life's challenges, and go after things that you want and know that you will succeed or sometimes fail but keep on trying.

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