Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why is "bullying" on the rise? An opinion!

      I just thought I'd put out a brief opinion on my take on why "bullying" seems to be on the meteoric rise.  Technology has allowed for great development in our world. The "worldwide" web as it once was described and still may be described has allowed for scathing videos to be hurtful to others, for countless emails and text messages to be sent with reckless abandonment and so on.  It's a "blessing" in a sense to have the "internet" and to use it properly but in my opinion it's also become a "curse".
     The recent national news of young adults committing suicide due to the "bullying" by peers and random individuals has been horrific. I think back of the "bullies" that I experienced when I was a youth. If they existed today what would they have done with the use of technology.  It's mind boggling to hear that youth take their own lives because of the extreme "bullying" that they've experienced.  How can another live with themselves if they've caused another human being to take their life. Yes, there are weaknesses that people have but we need to start working on strengthening our youth that have such problems. 
    I don't have the answers to all and never will claim to but it truly disturbs me to see the way individuals treat one another today.  I think the pressures that exist in society are simply overbearing for our youth and for that matter many adults. Yes, there are those that can deal with the pressures that exist today but when I see the "rise" of bullying and the rise of student and youth suicide it's just disheartening and heartbreaking.  Please chime in with your thoughts on this subject.
    I'm thinking that "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color, LLC" can be a part of the solution with this rising problem that has existed through time. It's "ageless" too. Please let me know your thoughts.

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