Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day- A Time To Remember!

    The day "Veteran's Day" November 11, 2010 has meaning for countless Americans. Too often we take for granted our freedom.  In watching our school program today attended by fifty seven(57) veterans, family, friends and of course the student body and staff of our school(800 plus) it was a touching and heartfelt celebration.  Tomorrow on "Veteran's Day" please remember the fallen soldiers of our past conflicts, wars, and the like.  Also, support and give thanks to our present day men and women that are serving our country.
     It's my belief that if we had world harmony "mankind" and "womankind" to be politically correct would flourish.  In essence if "Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color" it would be so cool to have everyone believing in the common good for all.  That's not an easy task but it's sure one that I can do my part to teach others the importance of working together, respecting one another, and living in peace and harmony to the best of one's ability.
    To finish this brief one.  Celebrate our veterans, embrace them, and thank them for the job they are doing or have done in the past.  They need us like we needed them.

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