Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 31st, Halloween 2010

     On the morning of Halloween 2010, the sun is shining brightly and my thoughts drift towards writing something unique and fun.  Halloween is a time for fun for children. However, adults delve into the fun aspects of this fun and enjoyable holiday.  It's a time of joy for children especially when they dress in their favorite character and go out and "Trick or Treat".
    What does this have to do with "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color"? Well, quite simply think of the following words.  If we took every person and covered their entire body with a costume that would not reveal race, ethnicity, and the like would we be considered the "same". A thought that just came into my mind.
    Halloween is a time for joy and frivolity. It's a time that the child gets to celebrate. Adults too have fun with it. Enjoy today, enjoy being a "child" again if you have experienced a party as an adult, and most importantly embrace one another's commonalities as well as celebrate individual differences.  Also, be safe!

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