Monday, May 28, 2012

Is Life Tougher Today?-My Thoughts for the Moment!

     Is life tougher than it's ever been today?  It's a question that can be debated, can be discussed, and perhaps needs to be analyzed with the brilliant minds that exist around and about us all over the nation and our world.
     During my youth I had the understanding that the "Great Depression" was the most difficult time.  Having parents that were born in 1923 and 1928 they lived through those years or at least their parents raised them through those tough years.  Did they survive?  Yes, they thrived, they seemed to learn a great work ethic, the importance of family, the importance of an education, and most importantly the ways and means to teacher their children well.  Was life tough for them?  In retrospect, perhaps but it seems that they pulled their own weight and didn't ask for handouts.  Life was simply "do it yourself".  Now it seems everything is fast tracked.  The "we" has become the "I".  Years ago modern facilities didn't exist however, now that we have modern facilities it seems there are more and more complaints that "I want more".
    I listen to people saying how busy each and every day has become and that they are stressed.  Everyone has a choice.  The choice to curb activity or to "fast track" and to be as busy as their neighbors or friends.  Is it competition to see who can outdo who or just to give their children the best they may or may not had themselves.  I listened to an individual on Saturday speaking about competition and how he has taught his children how to lose and of course win.  To go at competition and to accept failure is very important.  This is contrary to much of the thinking that seems to make individuals today have difficulty accepting failure and/or defeat.  Whether it be in a game, the classroom, or as you get old enough to work, a fight for a competitive position someone has to "win" and someone has to "lose".
    I've failed in my life at various things, from scoring an easy goal in soccer, to failing a test at school because I wasn't prepared, I've learned from those failures.  I've learned that you get what you put into something and you have to accept that factors sometimes cause that failure.
    Life is tougher for some because of one simple fact, a work ethic has not been developed.  When failure arises it's important to know how to react and what to do to become successful once again.  Staying focused and getting at something are difficult when the demands for paying bills, raising a family if you have a family, or finding something you like to do, and getting it done.
   I know I'm rambling a bit here and bouncing from point to point but it's simply important to focus on being positive and learning from mistakes.  Please know that I'm not an expert, and that I'm not researching this topic.  My thoughts are mine and points others have made.  I'm concerned.  I'm concerned because I see stress in young people far too early on in their lives. Is it being caused by the rigors of school, or by the rigors of life in general. Are those "stresses" being passed down from their family(parents) because they may be struggling financially.  Am I way off base I think sometimes?
All I know is that I've seen myself get stressed and I've learned how to deal with it because of the way I've been raised and what I've learned from past failures and successions.
   I think life has become tougher because we seem to be a "want it now" society and 'want it all" without hard work. I realize these rambling are difficult to follow sometimes but that's me.  I once said to a friend "you have to keep moving and trying".  It's important to give your best and to learn from mistakes.  I am not mistake free or for that matter am I perfect but I'm just trying to do my part to making the world a better place.
   In relating this to "Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color" I wish everyone could work to their potential and do well.  Life has many equalities and inequalities, I truly believe if all is equal and all are given the same opportunities life should be successful.

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