Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Marches On-Paper routes, tree forts, camping out!

     Newsflash:  UConn 53 Butler 41(National Champs for the third time), congratulations Jim Calhoun, staff, players, family, friends, and fans.

     As I thought about the previous two sections of this series of articles that I've written I've had fun dipping into the caverns that exist in my brain. Some say that I have a tremendous memory and that I sometimes let it run wild. I've been said that I lack focus and that my mind is going a mile a minute. It's fun to have many "irons in the fire".  I've had some great experiences in my lifetime and I appreciate the many positive ones that have shaped my life. Also, I've had sad moments in my life and tragic ones at times that have also been a major factor in how I've developed and where I'm going as time seems to march on.
     Continuing on where I left off yesterday.  The 60's were fun for me but life in general as history points out was pretty wild. For me in Colchester, in Central School and Bacon Academy school life I recall was fun.  I can remember certain "characters" that I grew up with and how fun it was to hang out with them and learn about life. I won't talk about them at all at this point but I'll tell you it was interesting.  The neighborhood "kids" would make tree forts, what we called "Cowboy and Indian forts" and now we know it's not politically correct to call them Indian forts but should now call them "Native American" forts I believe.  I can remember charging .25 cents to view our working living museum as we called it. It was life at it's best.   That in itself can be a page or more of writing. Relating it to the title of this blog "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" we hung out with all ages, we mentored younger neighbors, and of course we looked up to our older cousins, neighbors, and friends.  At times their was name calling, fights, but we always found a way to be back together. It was quite simple.  We protected one another and the neighborhood and life seemed very together.
    Camping out usually was with the core neighborhood "boys", the best buddies, the friends, and our classmates that were allowed to stay out all night with us.  What was great we had great conversations about life, were very imaginative, and remained safe.  I can expound upon some great experiences that occurred when camping out and one scary moment that happened one late summer night.  I'll leave you to use your imagination to think about what it could be.  If you'd like to know I'd love to see a comment or two to get me to get more specific.
     At this point I'm going to cut this discussion short and think about where I want to go with things over the next few blogs.  I'm working hard on getting "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" launched. The website is in the works and I've promised the web designer that I'd get the copy ready for the site.  It will be cool to get things going with that officially.  I'm looking forward to getting the message out and making a huge difference.
    I've promised friends that they can be on the site, some new some long time friends; to Alyssa, Kelly, Aidan, Tom, Lynne, Tiffany, Yvonne, and countless others get ready to become part of the magic I'm trying to create. It will happen.  Until we meet again keep being kind, being alive, and living life to it's fullest.

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