Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rocks, Trees, Tortoises, and I!

     The title I thought would catch your eye so to speak and you'd perhaps read this dribble. Yes, reading is an important skill to have so you can learn, so you can become more intelligent or in some cases just relax.  I've been contemplating writing another entry under the auspices of "Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color" and thought that this would be a start, a catchy title.
    Well here goes.  On 4/20/11 the anniversary of the senseless tragedy at Columbine High, also 420 references "cannabis consumption" which was coined by a group of teenagers in 1971 in San Rafael, California.  I learned that this morning by reading a post from a friend on facebook.  I did not realize that 420 meant what it did however the senseless killings that took place this fateful day will always be remembered.  It's from events of the latter that I sit and ponder at what I can do to better serve our youth, the growing young adults, and the adults of our world. It's my belief I can make a difference but it's also mind boggling to think so.  When thinking about the statement "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" I simply believe that if we all find the good in one another and work toward a common ground that we can help one another succeed. Succeed in a way to live in harmony and to be serve one another. Is that a "pipe dream"? Is it possible that I'm trying too hard?  I don't think so.
    It's simply an exhausting task to begin to take on the ills that exist throughout.  However, I must say that there are so many outstanding things that are happening around and about us too. We need to accentuate the positive too to downplay the negativity that exists.
    When I penned or typed "Rocks, Trees, Tortoises, and I" we share one thing in common our shadows are the same color.  The shadow will not be the same size and most likely the rock will not move unless it's small enough to throw.  Common sense has allowed me to think clearly most of the time.  When I use common sense I can solve and explain things pretty clearly. It's when common sense is forgotten and we begin to do things selfishly and without thought is when life can be so undeniable senseless.  If our minds are clear and we think of the consequences of our actions and justice prevails justice between good and evil, I truly believe that good will win.  It's when we do not weigh all of the negativity that can result, as well as the tragic events of the past that have been etched on our minds, do we commit such senseless acts.
   Getting away from the negativity idea that has begun to permeate in this writing I'm going to use my imagination to write a metaphorical paragraph or two.
   A rock, a tree, and a tortoise were in the same location.  The rock was stationary, the tree swaying in the summer breeze, and the tortoise seeking the shade of the tree moved ever so slowly. As the tortoise approached the shade of the tree it contemplated it's next move.  Understanding that the tree was giving much needed shade away from the day's heat the tortoise didn't move.  As the day's sun began to set the tortoise realized that the heat of the day was becoming the cool of the night's air.  Knowing that the rock retained a  heat from the day's sun the turtle moved closer to the rock to stay warm.  You can see where I'm going with this. Life has it's many up's and down's and we need to support one another to get where we want to go. It's not easy and it's not always understandable. If you dwell on negativity it can gobble you up and spit you out so to speak.  Hence, "Rocks, Trees, Tortoises, and I"!  I failed to mention that I came along picked up the tortoise and put it safely away for the night in it's pen in the warmth of an indoor home.  It worked for the tortoise and it worked for me.
     Be considerate and positive.  Do the best you can for others and keep working towards excellence. Life is not always easy but you certainly can do your best to try.

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