Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visual Memories and Coincidences-Frozen Moments in Time!

    Sir Francis Galton(1822-1911) was the first scientist that gave consideration to visual memory.  He asked his subjects to rate their memories in terms of "vividness".  When I thought of this topic this morning I said let's see what research said about visual memory.  I expanded upon the idea by adding coincidences that come about because of a vivid visual memory. Where am I taking this entry this Sunday morning?  Words sometimes do not and cannot bring feeling to the reader unless you let your imagination take you to the words "vividly" and with "feeling" if that makes sense.
    Yesterday while shopping at Stew Leonard's I was speaking to someone I had met recently in and around one of the many nooks and crannies that exist in that particular store. She was mentioning that she was going to Daytona Beach on "Spring Break" leaving next Saturday(March 19th).  For those that crave detail I thought I'd add that minute little fact.  Well the conversation continued to my experience at Daytona Beach when I attended the University of Connecticut. We(our dorm) had a trip sponsored to Daytona, a bus trip at that, which included a weeks stay at the "Pirates Cove Hotel"
right on the Atlantic Ocean. I can recall the size of the room, the view from the hotel sliding glass door that overlooked the beach and ocean.  Down below was the pool which I believe could be reached if you were daring enough to attempt it.  I can recall a couple of dormitory mates that went on the trip with me.  Just at that moment when I remembered a name of one of them to the left walked a man that I recognized and at that moment he recognized me. He said "Don, Donnie Levine" and I returned with "Bob, Bob Kantor". It was an amazing coincidence and I'm sure just that. But now in retrospect I think there must have been a reason for it.  We talked for a few minutes, asked about our families, talked briefly about a few friends, and then shook hands and said "best to you".  We did not exchange emails, phone numbers, or any other things, perhaps in time I can look him up and say hello again but it certainly was thanks to my visual memory that I could recall "Bob".  As it was I felt that this "frozen moment in time" meant something and will continue to be a gift that I thank that I have and continue to try and enhance.
    I'm not sure of the significance of this ability but it surely is fun to have and it certainly affords me moments in time that I can recall the younger days, the years gone by, and reasons for staying on top of the curve so to speak.
    How does this relate to "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color"? I see and remember people I've met and experienced and look at them as a person and nothing else.  I've always been thankful for how I was taught by my dad and mom regarding treating others with fairness and kindness.  Have I mistreated people, yes!  But not intentionally.  Most often I've always made amends, apologized, and hopefully they've accepted my ignorant moment.   I'm convinced that it's the reason I see things and get ideas or have memories of things I could have or should have done and then bring them to fruition. The problem that still exists is that I sometimes procrastinate and don't get things done quick enough.  It's this new found thought of focusing and getting things done that drives me to succeed.
   Visual memories and coincidences when they are moments in time that bring back great times and in this case great "dorm" mates make for special moments.  Of course, the opposite occurs from time to time.  But today, the moment of meeting up with a long ago dormitory mate brought back some fun times and special moments that will remain in my mind.
    Just another experience that's fun to write about and relate to those that may be reading my many words. Until I write again enjoy "spring ahead day".

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