Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving-A Time to Share and Help Others If You Can!

     A discussion just took place with a couple of colleagues regarding the growing number of "homeless" people.  I live in a small town in southeastern Connecticut sandwiched in between Hartford and New London.  Recently two or more individuals have been seen "panhandling" and asking for work.  Is this the sign of our times even in our small community. The conversation went on to where we discussed the fact that sometimes there are those that truly have monetary and desperate needs.  In the "land of plenty" and "opportunity" what can we do as citizens to help.  It's a discussion that warrants this post. I'll try and delve into it a little more after some research with the projected number of "homeless" and "poverty stricken" individuals.  I've always said "how can I lend a hand"?  In my mind in today's world you can no longer invite individuals that you do not know well into your homes.  It's just simply too dangerous but you surely can provide a meal on a disposable plate. 
     Please consider in a small way to help those that need help.  WFAN in New York recently concluded this year's version of the "hungerthon". I know that other radio stations are involved with this cause throughout the country.  When I was in college at Central Connecticut State, the late great Harry Chapin put on a benefit concert for this cause.  In fact Harry Chapin and Bill Ayers were the founders. I was fortunate to see this "free" concert.  You either paid a nominal donation or brought food as your entrance fee. It was an outstanding event.  That was over 30 years ago and the cause is still going strong.
    The point I'm trying to make is if you can "donate" food to our local food bank, or simply make a donation to the "Hungerthon" organization or any other worthwhile one you choose do so.  When I think of the "human race" and what we can do for one another it gets very involved.  I'm just trying to do my part to help others.
If you think of the notion and idea that this blog represents; "EVERYONE'S SHADOW IS THE SAME COLOR" and in that sense our shadows are equal symbolically speaking.  Please try and do your part if you can to share what some less fortunate may not be able to do during time of need.  Yes, I know there are some that don't even try but think of those that are trying and still can't help themselves or their family.  Thanks for reading and "Happy Thanksgiving"!

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